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WCMN 2024
4th  World Congress on Medical Food and Nutrition 

THE ISMN CONFERENCE PROVIDES OPPORTUNITY FOR HEALTH, FOOD & AGRICUTURE PROFESSIONALS, FROM ACROSSTHE ASIA ANDBEYOND TO ACCESS THE LATEST INFORMATION, DEVELOPMENT, RESEARCH AND SCEINTIFIC KNOWLEGDE IN THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE AND TIME EFFICIENT MANNER. DESIGNED BY AND FOR PROFESSIONALS IT DELIVERS A PROGRAMME WHICH IS RELEVANT, THOUGHT PROVOKING AND EDUCATIONAL. It addresses those troublesome issues that confront us on a daily basis, it offers new ideas and theories to be considered and it offers an opportunity for you to have your say. All discussions in a relaxed settingwhichencourages informal discussions, the development of new working relationships, professional connections and supportnetworks. • Medical food • Clinical Nutrition • Toxicity • Food safety • Nutrition and diseases • Safe agricultural practices • Natural products development • Nutritional education • Policy & Guidelines


Our Mission Is to Empower

Doctors & Nutrition Experts 

Industry Leading Mentors

Qualified College Graduates

Agriculture Specialist& Farmers

WMFN offers enormous potential to connect with new customers and collaborators. Attendees are actively seeking new products and services that will help them stay at the forefront of their research and practice. The nearly 1000 attendees of are looking for the products and services that will help them improve lab studies, conduct better experiments, obtain more accurate results, and offer better food, ingredient and supplement choices and advice. As an exhibitor, you will: Introduce new products and services, Interact face-to-face over 3+ days with people passionate about the study and practice of nutrition – who need your products and services to do it Sell onsite and generate new sales leads, Elevate brand awareness

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach






Our Supporters 

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